Discover several different methods of traditional Chinese medicine that can be combined to suit your specific needs.

  • TCM medicinal herb therapy and acupuncture

Both TCM methods are often used in to treat illnesses but are also applied for the prevention of illnesses and beauty enhancement purposes.

  • TCM nutritional counseling

An organ and meridian diagnosis will be done during a TCM nutrition consultation. The energetic classification of foods according to their temperature, taste, functional circuit reference, and direction is required to provide comprehensive and holistic treatment.

  • Tuina massage

Tuina massage is individually tailored to the patient’s needs – depending on their symptoms. An organ or meridian diagnosis will usually take place before the Tuina massage. The full or partial body massage and foot reflexology massage according to TCM are the most
frequently performed types of Tuina massage.​

  • Qigong and Taijiquan

Qigong and Taijiquan are considered gentle exercises for holistic care. Both exercises have the same philosophy which is the harmonization of every movement, every part of the body, and the alignment of the body and the soul.